Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm knitting, I swear. I'm trudging along on a sweater. It's my first attempt at designing an adult-sized garment on my own (plus reference books). It's slow going. I've also made a secret gift that I can't show or talk about here. It's nothing big, just secret.

Tonight I starched this hat. I finished the knitting a while back (during my UP trip), but I let the droopy hat sit there. I've never starched anything before, and I'm not sure about my efforts here. I'm letting it dry before I try it on again. I'll post a picture of it again, then. I guess I'll post all pictures later. Hmm, will Blogger be losing another user?

1 comment:

aimee said...

wait, blogger isn't letting you post pics? annooooooying.

so know what you mean about secret gifts. i made one (well, not secret, but i don't want her to see it until she gets it in the mail, instead of seeing pics online first).

i'm trying now to decrease drastically and hopefully that won't look awful...tho i'm not even sure WHAT i'm knitting right now, so i guess it doesn't matter.