Thursday, October 05, 2006

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

I don't have any knitting to show. But I can post pictures if I use the PC at work. So there are pictures from the trip in the posts below. I made 5 washcloths along the way. The white one in the picture was one of two that were knit in one state. It's also DG's favorite. The other three were knit across two states. I had to drive some, of course, so I didn't have time to knit in every state. I also didn't knit one for California, because I drove during most of it.

The trip was marvelous. As you know, I was knitting these washcloths for DG as a housewarming gift. He never asked who they were for, but we did discuss the patterns and color choices. He'd been eyeing the orange cotton, so I made sure to make one in orange (Nevada). When I gave them to him on Saturday, he was so surprised and happy. He had no idea of my plan. He even used Arizona/Utah in the shower. Said it was very soft and absorbant. Success!

Check out this website. It's a project that DG and some other Hiram alumni have been working on for a while, and it should be enjoyed.


Carrie k said...

That's a really great gift.

aimee said...

yay for figuring out pics but boo b/c having to do it at work is still unacceptable. blogger, get it together!!

DG said...

Should be working, but I'm catching up on TK's blog instead. Time well spent. Also time well spent - all the knitting TK and I got done in the car on the drive. Absolutely the best way to learn. Take your instructor on a cross-country drive with you. You learn & land a friend. Everyone wins. I finished a hat for one of my twin nieces just after I got here, started on the matching one for the other twin right away.

Having just read this whole blog over the last 2 days, I'm left with one big question, though - how did the Garterlac Dishcloth turn out?

TK said...

Garterlac Washcloth turned out fine. It was really fun to make. I did have a couple of pucker-y parts where I turned the row and picked up, but it's good. I think I gave it to Aimee in the end.

aimee said...

it did!! i LOVE it. it's hanging on my little metal shower right now. i used it today.