Monday, October 09, 2006

It Works!

I can upload (up? down?) pictures from home!

Here are the washcloths I knit on the trip. The blue one I made ahead of time as a safety. The red was knit during Illinois and Iowa; the white and blue was knit during Nebraska and Colorado; the white during Colorado, finished shortly after crossing the Continental Divide; the orange, red, and yellow stripes knit during Arizona and Nevada; and the orange during Nevada.

DG has been using them in the shower, for dishes, and as pot holders. It's always so nice to know that your knitting is being used, isn't it?

I'm working on a hat for a friend with a new baby. I'm also finishing a sweater I started a while ago, now that DG sent back the needles I lent him for the trip. You should see the hat he's made for his niece (he's at work on a second, for his other niece). Like a pro. I guess he's right that being in a car for nine days with your knitting teacher pays off. It did in his case. Anyone else want to take me on a road trip to learn to knit, just ask.

Now that I can post pictures, I will write more. I was in a bit of a funk after the trip, but I've broken that. It's also hard to work up the motivation when I can't show what I want to write about. Don't worry. You'll soon know why I'm not a process knitter, too. I'll post a picture of the (lack of) progress on my lace piece.


aimee said...

yay! hats are the best. it's easy to go gung ho on them. and YAY for being able to post from home again. whew.

DG said...

It was a little difficult to start actually using those cloths, especially having seen them birthed here and there across the country. Of course when I think about knitting something myself to give away, of course I'd want it to be used. But I guess I'm just not used to getting useful things that are so gorgeous and individual and attentively made. I've gotten pieces of art from friends before, but I never would have dunked a painting in water and rinsed the back of my neck or a coffee mug with it. So these six little artwork-washcloths really have me thinking about the benefits of infusing our everyday lives & objects & routines with artistry and creativity. And about non-verbal ways we keep in touch with friends. I get a little aesthetic kick every time I shower or do the dishes, and a little fuzzy pinch of nostalgia. That's pretty wonderful.

TK said...

There is a part of me that wants the gift recipient to cherish the gift so much that the thought of getting it wet or wearing it out is unthinkable, but really, why knit then? I could make wall hangings or knitted sculpture. Oh, I guess Aimee is making art with her knitting. But she's not intending it as a gift, is she? Have I just dug a hole for myself?