Monday, October 30, 2006

Goings On

On Sunday I decided to finish up some unfinished projects. I spent the afternoon unraveling the baby blanket. I used my birthday swift to wind the yarn up into hanks by securing the swift on the back of a chair. The swift was parallel to the ground rather than perpendicular, so I was able to spin it easily. Then I soaked the yarn--it looked like ramen in the sink-- and hung it to dry. It still has a little bit of kink, but at least it's not in that lopsided blanket anymore. The yarn smells really good. I didn't use any soap when I was soaking it because I didn't want to lose the smell. I don't know what those Brooks Farm people use, but I like it.

I also picked up Clapotis. A friend at work had been talking about it, and while I was working on it, I was talking to Lynn, who was working on one of her own. It's been sitting in my unfinished basket since April. I'm not exactly sure why I was excited to work on it, but now I've made some progress, so I may as well finish. I was at the beginning of the third section and now I'm over half way through. Only many more rows to go. Actually, I think I'm going to stop the third section after this repeat, which is the 7th. I can't handle much more of this project, and it is pretty long. Maybe I can talk myself into the 8th repeat, but I don't need 12. It's really heavy right now because of the Blue Heron yarn I'm using. I think all 12 repeats of the straight section will make it even heavier, possibly to the point where it would be unwearable. Is that justification enough? I'm simply bored again. I'm ready for the next section.

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