Monday, December 04, 2006

Drunk Dialing

I've never been drunk, and, therefore, I've never drunk dialed, but last night I did something akin to drunk dialing. I purchased yarn (actually, a kit), but I barely remember doing it. Evidently, I purchased a Bea Ellis kit. I remember looking at the kits, deciding on one, then deciding I didn't like any of the colors. I remember finding colors that might work, but I definitely do not remember actually buying the kit. They sent me an email today, saying it was ready to be shipped. I guess I did this after buying the yarn for a We Call Them Pirates hat, which I remember. I don't know why I would have purchased yarn for two colorwork hats, but I guess I did. At least it was only one kit. Right? I'd better check my credit card bill.

I finished Odessa this weekend. I was working on Shedir, but I left the pattern at work. I also ran out of yarn. I'm hoping Nina has some stashed somewhere that I can buy. I owe her a visit anyway.

I also got the yarn for Stef's scarf. I let him choose the colors for the scarf. They kinda clash. I'm just going to use the black and white for a simple scarf. Maybe I can have it done for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

at first i thought it was a fancy knitting term but i think it's just a typo.

but it's HILARIOUS!! i hope you figure out that mystery. maybe you didn't really buy it.

TK said...

I reread my entry again and again, until I realized the typo is in the title. How embarassing. I'm changing that right off.