Saturday, December 09, 2006

Robot vs. iPod

I gave Dan his robot today. The surprise was the eyes. I attached LEDs to washers and then glued the washers to the inside of the face. The LEDs flash green and red. I had a feeling Dan was going to get me an iPod. He's been trying to get me to want one since we met. I have an mp3 player, so I didn't need anything else until my mp3 player broke (I think the USB drive at work fried it). Dan got me an iPod shuffle. He'll make me an Apple cult member yet, I think. I hope the robot shows how much I appreciate this very sweet, very thoughtful gift.

Speaking of gifts, I bought a friend some Soak from One Planet Yarn and Fiber. They are so great. They noticed that I was sending it as a gift, so the emailed to ask if I wanted to include a note. Not only did they include my note, but they put it in a bag with a bow. So nice.

Good news. Nina did have the Cottage Industry yarn. I bought the last two skeins. Whew. Now I can finish Shedir. Actually, Shedir is on hold while I work on Stef's scarf. I'm loving the way it's striping. The white is making a zig zag along the scarf and the grey is pooling into triangles. I hope Stefan likes it.

I also got the kit from Bea Ellis and the yarn I ordered for We Call Them Pirates. Looks like this is going to be a Fair Isle kind of season.

Finally, the power went out the other night. I couldn't stop knitting of course. I bought a headlamp on my road trip in September. I recommend one for all knitters. It's hands-free so you can knit in the dark!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! amazing robot. AND headlamp! you know that that is my #1 item on my xmas list. louis and i looked at some in the rei catalog in d.c.

TK said...

Headlamps are good things. I bought it in Colorado because I saw how great DGs was. It definitely helped with things like setting up the tent and cutting up vegetables. And now, knitting. I'm sure you won't be using it for setting up tents, but I hope you get one.

Carrie K said...

That robot looks so cool! Very nice thank you.

Bea Ellis is addicting, isn't it? Or maybe it's Dale of Norway. But dang, they have a moose hat. It's barely cold enough here to wear a jacket, but I'm thinking I might really, really need a moose hat.

TK said...

I'm starting with Usefreud or something like that. I think everyone needs a moose hat at some point, though I think starting with a geometric pattern might be the easier way to go.

Can't wait to start the hats. Darn Christmas presents getting in the way!