Sunday, December 17, 2006


I finished Stef's scarf. I like the way the pattern works with the yarn. It looks like snake skin, I think. I just did a simple "ric rac and garter" from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary. I'm hoping it's long enough for Stef. This yarn is my favorite kind. It's spongy and soft.

I also ripped Shedir and made mittens from the yarn. They are for a friend who has helped me out in a lot of ways. She lent me her daughter's car over Thanksgiving so I could drive to Michigan for my favorite holiday dinner. She helped position me to take my current job and is encouraging me to find another, less emotionally stressful job. She's starting a not-for-profit and is including me in the planning. I appreciate everything she's done. I hope the mittens show it.

Now I don't know what to make. I've got the Bea Ellis kit. I've wanted to make another pair of socks, too. I need a hat for myself, and the Bea Ellis is lined with cotton, so I could make it for me. I have a hard time sticking with something for me. Making gifts for others is like having a deadline, even if it's only self-imposed. When I make things for me, I don't feel like I have a deadline, so I move on to other things too quickly. I should keep working on Christmas gifts, but I'm not interested. I also get anxious if I only have one project going. The ornaments just aren't enough to keep me interested. I'll have something decided by my next post, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

oooh! i love the scarf ANd the mittens. nice job.

Carrie K said...

I kind of hate knitting for other people.

Those mittens are cute!

TK said...

I should learn to only knit for myself. But I do so love the enjoyment others get from the knits. Just ask Aimee how many days in a row she wore those socks. Or the story about Joseph crying when his sweater was taken off. Breaks my heart.