Thursday, December 28, 2006


I don't know why there are people who hate the holidays. My family is so fun. We have a traditional Polish Christmas Eve, Wigilia, and also get together on Christmas Day. My family eats, laughs, opens gifts (like the ornaments I made, see above), and enjoys each other's company. This year I played outside with my little cousins, it was so warm. Andrew called from Iraq, too, so that was a special bonus. Even though I only live a short five-hour drive away from the family, I only see them a few times a year (they really need to visit more).
I know people complain about the consumerism, the greediness, and so on, but in families like mine, that's all put aside for spending time together. I like gifts, of course, and I got some great ones this year (three knitting related books, even), but there's nothing like the holidays to bring out the love in my family.Here's a picture of Stefan in his scarf, which he wore non-stop. He was bugging me to open the gift the minute I walked in. I forget what a good receiver he is. He carries around an afghan I made for him like it's his blankie. I plan on making him socks with the other Artyarns I bought for him.

I made a hat for my sister, too. In fact, I meant to post last night but I was enjoying the hat so much, I stayed up finishing it. I based the pattern on Fetching, which I used for her birthday present (and forgot to photograph). The yarn is the same, too: RYC Cashcotton DK. I love this hat. I was worried that the crown would look funny because of the rapid decreasing, but it turned out perfectly. I may make a version for myself.


Carrie K said...

The hat is cute! It's very Fetching-ish too. The scarf looks good on Stefan. Good receivers are lovely people.

Oh, I pretty much hate the holidays. It's not the consumerism so much (although that gets me at times) it's all the expectations.

TK said...

I guess I hate all the things leading up to the holidays, but my family really trumps it all.

aimee said...

omg. i LOVE that pic of stefan!!! that's so great. good receivers are RARE and PRECIOUS creatures.

Sarah said...

Jeff and I also have always celebrated "Wigilia" on Christmas eve, both being of Polish descent. I never knew there was a term for it though. Thanks for educating me TK!

I too love the holidays. Not so much the shopping or cooking, but the down time spent just chilling with family. I love it.

TK said...

I like the tradition of it all, too. How nobody really likes the Oplatki but everyone eats it because you have to; how the men compete over who eats the most; and the yearly struggle of who sits where.

Sarah said...

Oh! Jeff's dad puts name tags out. Ha ha! It's so cute.

After reading more about Wigilia via the link you provided, I learned we actually are not that traditional. I mean, we do the breaking of the bread and open some presents on Christmas eve, but we DO eat meat and do not sing Christmas Carols.

I did eat some Herring as an appetizer though ;) Mmmmmm..

TK said...

Name tags are a great idea! We don't do a lot of those things, either. We do have 12 non-meat dishes (though I mostly just eat the pierogis anyway), break bread, and we all have to eat one prune (it's not listed in the wikipedia link, but I've read about it elsewhere).