Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year of Adventure

Everyone seems to be talking about their knitting resolutions. I don't really have any at this time. I can't afford to buy yarn this month, but next month may be a whole different story (and there's no stopping me if I think I need yarn, which I will for the next three projects I'd like to make). There aren't any techniques or projects that I want to attempt but haven't for some reason. There are many things I want to try, but nothing that requires a resolution.

I finished the socks. The second socks took about three days. I could have finished in two, but I had to rip back because I'd added a stitch and I didn't like the way the color was pooling. I cut and rejoined the yarn at the point I started the ribbing, which is where I ripped back to.

These socks were done without a pattern (go me!). I used a Turkish cast on for the toes, stockinette for the foot, short rows for the heel, and a 3x1 rib for the leg, and a bind off described by Grumperina. I made the leg a little longer than I normally would because I just don't know how long men's socks should be. Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns suggested an even longer leg than I made, but I was worried they'd look like knee highs. The bind off was a little loose. I went up two needle sizes to a 4, but probably should have only gone up to a 3.

I tried misocrafty's technique for picking up the short row stitches, which I did wrong on the first sock and correctly on the second. You can see the difference below. The second is so pretty. The yarn is 100% wool Wool in the Woods Cherub, which I got from my birthday swap pal. It was pretty wooly, and left me with a very indented forefinger at the end of the night, but it's not so scratchy I couldn't work with it. I think it will feel nice on DG's feet, since he can tolerate wool just fine. I'm not showing a picture of the whole sock, because something needs to be a surprise. Oh, and the color is way more pastel-y than in the pictures.

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