Friday, January 05, 2007

To the Frog Pond We Will Go

I don't have pictures. I don't have any finished objects. I've started a plain, top-down raglan sweater for my pal Joseph, which shouldn't take too long. I got past the arm holes after just a couple hours of knitting yesterday. I'm using some Rowan All Seasons Cotton from the stash. I also frogged and reknit (twice) the Bea Ellis hat. I'm not happy with the color choice. Both the brown and the blue are rather muted and just blend together in the pattern. It also makes it hard to see, so I've been making mistakes. I thought I'd switch which color was the main color, but it doesn't help. Here's a tip: don't try to watch a subtitled movie and knit your first real Fair Isle project. It just doesn't work. So I frogged it a second time and am contemplating buying two contrasting yarns. I could get two hats out of this problem, so it works out, right? I've also gotten a lot of tension practice, too. For some reason I'm resisting using my left hand to hold the yarn, and I think I've got a comfortable handle on using my right hand for both colors without dropping the yarn each color change. I still need to pay attention to keeping the tension loose, but I think it's due to the sticky wool rather than my bad tension. We'll see. If I ever get back to it.

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Carrie K said...

Marina says she knits all her fair isles with one hand.

Two muted colors don't help. That's why I had to abandon (and frog) Eunny's Endpaper mitts. The pattern was completely hidden which seems pointless for a FI small gauge project.