Saturday, January 20, 2007


I just ordered the Knit Picks Options set. I had been resisting because I've been trying to save money instead of spend it. Here's my justification: they are a bargain. I just spent $15 on a size 7, 16" addi Turbo circular needle. Options doesn't come in 16" lengths, which is too bad, or the set could replace all my circular needle needs (I suppose I should hold judgment until I see them, but knitters I trust really like them). The Options set is $59.99, and shipping was free. I was going to make slippers from One Skein last night, but I only have one 24" size 8 circular needle (it's Bryspun. I used to have two lengths, but the 16" broke when I made the slippers for my Babci). I use the two-circular-needle method almost exclusively for small diameter circular knitting, which means that I'm going to have to purchase a set of tips for all the common sizes. I decided that making these slippers is important, and that I have to do them this week. So I thought about running to the LYS and grabbing two pairs. I thought about buying another 16" Bryspun, but as much as I love them in a straight needle, I don't love them for circular knitting. They break. The price of the Options kit is equivalent to four addi Turbo needles. So I ordered the Options. I'd better go back and order another set of size 8 tips.

I also created a simple spreadsheet to determine what needles I need. Though I have at least half the sizes in 24", I don't have needles with cord lengths longer than that. The problem is, the needles won't come for a week or two. I hope the mail is faster. As long as I get them before I leave for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, I should be fine.

This all leads to something I've been thinking about. I have this tendency to create lists of projects I must work on. Right now, my list is 15 projects long, and 10 of them are things I feel like I have to knit. Many of them have deadlines, both actual and self-imposed.

I do this thing where I make these lists and then I find other things that are more pressing, or I don't have the yarn (or needles) to make what I want from the list, so I make something "quick" instead. Now, this wouldn't really be a problem except that I purchase what I need for all the projects on the list and then I don't knit them.

Remember the Bea Ellis kit? That's in the waiting pile. So is the yarn for the other colorwork hat, We Call them Pirates. I'm working on the fingerless gloves for my sister and a sweater for Joseph (it is on hold until I get the 16" needles--the two Bryspun circulars for such a large diameter was not fun). I've purchased yarn for a special something for Jen. I also started a bag for her, out of some Summer Tweed by Rowan, but I may try to starch it into a bowl. I didn't like the way it was turning out. And I just made that hat for me, which wasn't on the list.

So I have all these projects planned and what do I do? I buy more yarn (and fleece) for some thrummed mittens. I try to start on some slippers. This is just like me. I haven't even swatched for Jen's something. I have one glove down but haven't started the other. Will I ever get to the other things on the list? Will I ever get to the list I made in June? Will I ever make something just to try (the thrummed mittens will satisfy that)? I don't know how I'll ever get a sweater finished again. I get so distracted (I have had a sweater minus one sleeve in the waiting basket since October).

Here's my current list, with due dates listed. I'll bold the items for which I have specifically purchased yarn, and star the items for which I'll use stash yarn. If it's not bold or starred, I will purchase the yarn at some point.
  1. Fingerless Gloves, due before it gets warm in southern Utah.
  2. Bag for Jen*, no due date, but I've wanted to make one since June
  3. Sweater for Joseph*, due the next time I visit them
  4. Dress for Renée, due along with Joseph's sweater
  5. Pirate hat, due before the cold weather ends
  6. Bea Ellis hat
  7. Socks for Stefan, due next visit to Michigan
  8. Something for Jen, due next visit
  9. Something for coworker*, due in July
  10. Thank you gift (haven't decided what) for a gift I received in November*, due soon
  11. Wristlet*, due soon (I'm keeping all my essentials in my coat pocket right now)
  12. Thrummed hunter's mittens, due February 23 or so
  13. Thank you hat* for recent visit to CO, due before cold weather ends
  14. Curtain for kitchen*
  15. Jacket (this is just something I've wanted to make. Like the Bea Ellis hat and curtain, it probably will be a while before I even think about it).
I'm going to work on the fingerless gloves this week. Well, until I get the yarn and fleece for the thrummed mittens. I'm very excited about those (for now). Maybe I should buy the yarn for the dress and the jacket and then join the Knit from Your Stash knitalong. Is that cheating? I should just make rules for myself. No new projects added to the list until the list is 75% complete, no 50%. It won't stick.

I wish I had pictures to end this long post, but I only have a floppy bowl/bag and one glove finished.


Lori said...

I have the KP Options set, and I love it. I was buying needles for every new project (at least that's what it seemed like), and I haven't bought any needles since getting the set, and don't forsee a need to do so in the near future. If you can do "magic loop," and get a 40" or 47" cord, you can also eliminate your need for DPNs, which really makes it a good deal.

As a warning, I've had the cords come lose from their ends a couple of times, but both times KP replaced them after I just sent them back with a note with no problem at all. So I consider that more of a minor annoyance that a fatal flaw with the set.

Good luck with it!

Carrie K said...

I just have a million needles.

I hear you on the lists! I make a list of books, I don't read them. I make a list of knits, I don't knit them. And worse, I keep finding myself scolding myself and thinking "focus!" It's annoying.

No, joining the Knit From your Stash is not cheating. It's helpful.

TK said...

I'm excited for the needles. I am one of those that thinks the addis are too blunt, so I'm excited to try a sharper needle. I'm afraid they'll be noisy or scratchy, though. I'd use Inox, but they make too much noise.

But is it cheating if you buy all the yarn you need first?

I don't make lists of books, but I should. I always forget what I want to read when I end up at the bookstore or library. I'm going to read The Master and Margarita again. I remember it being so very good.

Stephanie said...

I'm a huge fan of the KP Options set --- they're helping me get some of my UFO's completed.

If you're a fan of Addi''re going to love your new set!


KSD said...

Sounds like you're just rewarding your own creativity with the needles; fret no more. . .

And I am very jealous of your trip to hear cowboy poetry. Have a glorious time.

jennifer said...

Wow. A large portion of the list is coming over to this side of the lake. Is your next visit a reality yet? I'd love to see you, but I don't want to rush your "due dates".

TK said...

A large portion always goes to your side of the lake. No reality yet--I'm only a third finished with Joseph's sweater. Maybe sometime in March? Or, I have two holidays in February. Maybe President's Day.

Holly said...

You don't have to justtify your purchase....just enjoy it!

TK said...

Thanks, Holly. I justify everything. It's nice to be reminded that I don't have to do that about everything. I will enjoy them. I wish they'd come already.

Susan said...

I do the same thing with the knitting lists and straying from them. I even make supplementary lists. It's a sickness.

I got the Options for christmas and really love them. They're not scratchy or noisy at all and I like them as much as I like my Turbos (which I LOVE) and I've used them exclusively since I got them. Of course, I've only knat three things since I got them, but still.