Thursday, February 22, 2007

Open Season

The thrummed hunter's mittens are complete. Thrums are fun. I thought, at first, that the interruption of putting in the thrums would annoy me, but it didn't. I enjoyed pulling each piece from the alpaca fiber (what is it called? Roving? Top? What is top?) and then rolling it between my hands. It was like rolling Play-Dough into snakes when I was a kid. The only thing I found frustrating was knitting into the thrums on the next round. Often, one end would come out and I'd have to thread it back through. And I still don't like fingers, even just one. Thumbs I could knit all day, but fingers? Nope.

I was a little worried I'd run out of yarn and have to use a bit of a different color to finish the last inch or so. I got lucky. This is all I have left from 190 yards of Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb.

(I got this Nantucket basket for 15% of its original price--definitely for yarn storage and display)


aimee said...

HAHAA. that is a GREAT picture.

Carrie K said...

That is perfect planning! Or perfect outcome.

TK said...

I'd say pure luck.

Marie said...

I wish I had that problem, my stash would be so small (assuming I would stop compulsive purchases...but who am I kidding)!