Monday, February 26, 2007


I had a miserable day at work today. All I could think about on the el ride home was going to Nina to buy some yarn. Some people eat chocolate, some people drink. Me? I buy yarn. Unfortunately (fortunately), I don't get paid until Wednesday, so I didn't get off until my own stop. So far, I've resisted shopping online, too.

I don't have much to report, since the projects I'm working on are pretty much secret. I'll be three nights in a hotel this week, so I plan on making major progress on the something for Jen. I may also take along the sweater for Joseph to provide a break from the something for Jen. If I work on that, I may have photos for the next post. Here's hoping.


aimee said...

awww. that sucks. but i'm proud of you for resisting the urge to splurge. it'll be sad to arrive at yr place but not have you around! and then leave so soon again.

jennifer said...

Oh no! Another "Crach-opoly" of your projects. Where is the TK project? The hat maybe?

Sorry about work.

Stephanie said...

I hope your week is getting better. A friend told me that "mercury is in retrograde" and that we can blame the negative engery on I am!

I haven't stopped in Nina --- though I drive by it quite often. Heard it's a favorite with my pals still in the city. How do you rate it --- is it a must stop next time I'm cutting through Wicker Park?

TK said...

Of course it's a Crach-opoly. You guys are my favorite recipients.

Nina is a great yarn store. It appeals to me because I like the orderliness of it. I'm not a fan of yarn in cubbies (too messy), and the way Nina has her yarn displayed is good for me. It's all really nice yarn, so expect to spend a little if you plan on buying yarn. The yarn is definitely worth it.