Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Step Back

The title implies two steps forward, doesn't it? I had to rip Crumpets (but only the skirt) because I used the wrong needle (8s mis-filed in a 5 package). Then I messed up on the lace on Isabella (talking while knitting). Then I kept making little mistakes that I had to rip, mostly due to bad counting. Finally, I finished the left shoulder of the front only to redo it because I didn't like the way it looked. The pattern doesn't say to continue in pattern, but the photograph shows a line where the decrease is, so I went back and knit in pattern. It still isn't the right shape, but I'm hoping blocking will work its magic.

So, I have nothing to show because I've been knitting the same inches over and over for the last week. I'm ready for a new project, so I'm going to focus on Isabella until it's done. I'll post when I have an FO.


jennifer said...

What's a FO? Can you tell I don't have a knitting blog?

TK said...

Finished Object. There are so many initialisms and acronyms on knitting (all) blogs. Just like I always have to figure out SAHM when I see it on blogs like yours.

I have no FOs right now, alas. They are all WIPs (works in progress). I wonder if that gets an 's' or not. Probably not.