Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jumping the Gun

I should have started with the front. By the time I got to the lace panel, I was getting tired of this knit. It usually happens about three-quarters of the way through anything I'm working on, even hats. I just want to finish (I'm like this with books, too. Remind me to explain how I think our knitting habits correlate to our reading habits) and start something new. With this project, I kept making mistakes because I stopped paying attention somewhere around the third leaf repeat and couldn't seem to concentrate after that.

So I ripped back and added another repeat, of course. The shoulders are now seamed along with one side. I'll do the other side and the armhole edgings later.


jillian said...

At least it's short-sleeves!! It will be so cute.

And you are on to something about similarity between reading and knitting habits!

Stephanie said...'s looking great!

I've been getting stuch on a couple of projects three-quarters through it too.

Sometimes you have to work through the burn!

JANET said...

I've been thinking about making this top. The color's wonderful. The slogging, I identify with. That's the great thing about the mitered squares; you're in, you're done.