Saturday, May 05, 2007


Yesterday I submitted my resignation. I will be jobless as of May 31.

In preparation, I organized all my yarn, and matched yarn to the projects on my To Knit list. Luckily, I have enough yarn to knit about half the projects. Of course, that list is ever-changing, so I'm already craving different things.

I've been trying to walk home from work at least once a week. Yesterday I made it as far as the yarn store. I resisted the urge to congratulate myself with some yarn, but Nina did suggest I take the needle felting class today. Here's a sample of my work. It was so much fun. I'm glad to know another fiber-related skill.

Today I couldn't resist the purchasing temptation, and bought a pattern book, Coast. I like almost all the patterns. I'm particularly interested in Seaton and Hartland. Must be the ribbon. Luckily for me, Nina doesn't carry Cotton Jeans or I might have come home with enough yarn for both projects.

Soon, I'll have plenty of time to knit, but for now I'm still trying to finish up a couple UFOs. I had to rip most of the sleeve on my sweater because I was increasing too gradually. Crumpets is pretty boring, so I keep it for times when I'm reading or talking.

I finished the Wick socks last Wednesday. I started and finished the second sock on a trip for work. Three hours on the bus and a night in a hotel room makes for good knitting time. The socks are just a toe-up pattern using the Turkish cast-on. I did a 4x2 rib with mirrored cables on each side, and one cable twist, also mirrored, at the very top.

Earlier in the week, I finished up Dan's hat. I hope it works for him.

Perhaps I'll muse next post.


aimee said...

yay! congrats! after all these years. i'm so happy for you.

TK said...

Thanks. Now I just have to find a job, or at least a way to make money.

Carrie K said...

Yikes! I haven't been jobless since I was 13. Scary! Good luck!

TK said...

Things are looking up. I have a few projects that may come through. I may be able to buy yarn this summer!