Sunday, August 26, 2007

Birthday Bench

I'm back in Chicago. Only one month before I head to Nevada. I'm giving away some of my furniture tonight, including my bed. It's going to be a long month.

Here are a few pictures from my latest UP trip. It was a great time. We hiked at Pictured Rocks, ate delicious food--including Jilberts ice cream every day, and enjoyed the views. I finished a pair of socks for one friend and started another pair for the other friend. They are both quite happy with the socks. I'll post a picture of the second pair when I've finished the second sock (it's cast on, to avoid Second Sock Syndrome, and I'm just past the toe).

These were done toe-up in Fortissima Cotton with a 2x2 rib cuff. I had plenty of yarn left over--I probably could have made knee highs.

This is a view of Miner's Castle, at Pictured Rocks.

This is the bench that I built with one of my friends. We did this on my birthday so I'm calling it the Birthday Bench, though I'll be the only one who does.

We built the bench to protect the trees to the left of this picture. They block the view of the lake from one of the sleeping cabins, so we figured a bench with a view might protect the trees from the chainsaw.


Carrie K said...

Oh, beautiful!

aimee said...

the bday bench is the BEST. i am commenting in chicago on your computer. i will miss you and your home!! i can't believe it's over.