Saturday, October 20, 2007

Elko Sky

Today is rough. I don't know what to do. I'm bored. This is the major drawback of a small town. There aren't even any movies I want to see. There was a craft get together, but it started at ten and I was still in my jammies. I was going to go for a walk, but it's hailing (afternoon update: now it's snowing), so that's out. I like my job, but the jury is still out on Elko itself. I guess I could do things around the house, but it's not my house, so I don't quite know what to do (my roommate is in Qu├ębec City at a conference I decided to skip because I didn't want to take time off my second week of work). I will say this for Elko: it has beautiful skies, especially at sunset. Here are few pictures from last night.

I'm thinking of starting a photo blog called Elko Sky. Every night I've been stunned by the sky. I don't have the skills for a photo blog, really, and I doubt I'd keep it up, especially daily, but I feel the need to share this sky. I guess since there aren't any trees to block the view, the sky is more notable.

Knitting? I'm still loving the Suri Merino. It is the softest yarn I've used. Here's the hat I made for Dan, still unblocked (I guess I can do that today), which is why the brim is rolling.


Carrie K said...

Living in a small town with no movies at all except on the weekends was how I got around to teaching myself to knit in the first place. That or run crazed through the streets, and I'm a social hermit.

The Elko sky photo project sounds lovely!

aimee said...

my old performance teacher does a sky project in chicago and emails us pics every month or so. she sent me bday sky pics, which was fun.

too bad you can't live somewhere else but still work in elko.

it will take time, but i'm hoping you acclimate!!

jennifer said...

What an adjustment for you! It's not just living in a small town. It's living in a small town after living in Chicago. Is there a meet up for people who moved to Elko after living in a big city?

TK said...

I with there was a meetup. Look at this:

Nothing for me, unless I want to hang out with vampires. Maybe later, when I'm more settled.

At least I have knitting to keep me occupied. What did I do without it? (Read.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Elko... endless boredom and crazy weather!

In your bottom photo, I can see my house :) I'm easily amused sometimes...

jennifer said...

Why are there always vampire meetups?