Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trailing of the Sheep

I finished a hat for Dan. I am so busy, though, I haven't blocked or photographed it yet. I was too busy last week, working at the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Idaho. There was plenty of yarn around, but I didn't take advantage of any of the hand spun. Mostly, I was helping to interview people at the festival. Our interview station was in the blue sheep camp.

It was a really lovely time. The bummer (which is a term for an orphaned lamb, by the way) is that I used my camera to record on video the actual trailing of the sheep and then proceeded to immediately delete it.

Work is extra busy. At least, I hope it's extra busy. I don't know if I can be busier than this.

I'm working on a baby blanket from Blue Sky's Suri Merino. Wow. It is super soft. I think the recipient won't care that she'll have to hand wash it once she feels how soft it is. I love it. I'm already scheming excuses to make other things from it. I'm hoping I don't use all the skeins I have so I can make something else with it. I'm not sure what I'd make from a baby-pink yarn, but I'll find a way just so I can touch this some more.