Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alaska or Bust

I'm in Alaska!

We made it to Alaska only to find out that Ice Alaska gave exclusive filming rights to a reality TV production company. Not only did it suck that we were 1) out a lot of money, 2) in Alaska in February, and 3)not able to finish our documentary, but that they lied to us a lot. It certainly made the first few days pretty miserable. Luckily, we were there with great people and staying in a great house. In the end, I had a great trip. Mostly because I taught two people how to knit. The second lesson was short, so I don't know how much was retained, but I think the bug bit.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

I also knit a whole pair of socks while there, since my time was freed up. I gave them to my roommate for her birthday, and forgot to take a picture. She liked them so much she wore them that night and the next day. I will photograph them after she washes them. I liked working with the Vesper Sock Yarn. It surprised me that the white of the yarn peeked through quite a lot, but I liked the heathered look it gave. The colors were really fun and bright.

I'm working on the Seamless Hybrid. The Eco Wool has crazy yardage. This section measures fifteen inches high by forty-eight inches around and it only took one skein. I have two more inches on the body before I start the sleeves.

I have a finished object, too, but I will wait to show it until the recipient receives it.


aimee said...

AWFUL! Unbelievable! But I'm glad you were still able to get something out of it.

Lynn said...

wow, is that nuts. but, you got to go to Alaska! that doesn't happen every day. wrong time of year, I know... but so cool!

Carrie K said...

Bummer about the documentary and the lies but at least you managed to have fun AND pass the knit bug along!

TK said...

One of the people I taught is on her third hat. She made two using straight needles and is now trying working in the round.

Alaska was fun, it just came at a money-stressed time.