Thursday, February 21, 2008


There were earthquakes here today. The first one was around 6:15 this morning and was a 6.0. Its center was about 60 miles from Elko. There were small ones all day, and a 4.2 at 4:00.

Knitting hasn't been so exciting. I finished the something for someone. I just need to weave in ends and add a ribbon. I also finished the Bas Relief hat. It was a fun pattern. It doesn't have a recipient, so it's going in my spare gift pile (newly formed with this hat).

I'm working on the Seamless Hybrid for my brother. His favorite sweater has a 48" chest. This may take a while. I meant to seam up the hem as I knit, but I got caught up in whatever I was watching while working on it and forgot to do it. Whoops. Now I'll have to seam 48 inches worth of hem. That was the reason I did a turned hem in the first place.

I'm going to Alaska on Saturday to work on a documentary about friends who are working on a mechanical ice sculpture in the Ice Alaska competition. I didn't make it to the competition last year, so I'm really excited to go. I don't think I'll be taking the body of Stef's sweater. I got some Vesper Sock Yarn in Sweet Water the other day (I couldn't resist--I've wanted some for so long).

It's really colorful. I ordered a kitchen scale so I can split the skein, but it hasn't come yet. If it doesn't come tomorrow, I might take other sock yarn. I bought some Happy Feet (so soft) and some Panda Wool while in Boise last weekend. I also have some Shibui waiting in the stash. Looks like socks are it.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!where are you going in Alaska? Take knitting with you, as trasportation is slow(dogsled),
UJ ans I were there in 1989 and it was our best trip and I only have one continent to go. Take your warmest knits. It is a cold time to go to Alaska.
Love you, AM,UJ,and Babci

aimee said...

earthquakes! alaska! stay safe & warm. i've been alternating your socks since i got the flu.

Carrie K said...

That yarn is darling and so is your hat.

Glad to hear you're okay! Pretty big earthquake.