Sunday, March 23, 2008

Appeasing Guilt

In an attempt to stop feeling guilty about knitting so much, I've been knitting all week. I watched all the Firefly episodes (I heart Joss Whedon) in two days. During this time, I've been working on the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. It's such a fun knit. I even ripped out the front more times than I care to count, just to get the decreases right. It's still one of the fastest sweaters I've knit. The directions for the fronts are reversed, which I didn't learn until after the right side was done as printed. The jury is still out on the yarn, Soft Linen. It has a lot of dangling linen strands and is easily snagged. Plus, it's linen and acrylic but the label says to hand wash. I doubt my sister is going to hand wash this, so I have a feeling the sweater will wear out pretty quickly.

Here's the next problem with spending all my time knitting: I can't get enough! I knit past my bedtime almost every night. That's not the whole problem, though. I started a simple, orange hat for a friend. I'd like to finish it so I can send it off. But I just want to work on the cardigan. I also want to make Sophie for a new baby that I'll see in April. It won't take long--Elijah only took a couple of hours a night for a week--but I'm nervous I won't finish. And I've barely touched the Seamless Hybrid. There are so many patterns I want to make, on top of all this. Four projects on the needle is plenty, really.

So now I feel less guilty, but more anxious.


Carrie K said...

That's an interesting mathematical formula. More productivity, add more anxiety equals less guilt.

TK said...

I wonder if it would work for more guilt-ridden activities. I don't think I want to feel anxious about eating a pint of ice cream, though. Might not be good for the stomach.