Friday, February 20, 2009

I Love this Hat!

This is Jacque.
I taught her to knit in January. She's made four hats. Hats are the way to go for a beginner, I think. She's accomplished so much in such a short time. She's going to make a vest of her own design next. Her latest hat is ribbed the entire way up, so Jacque had to figure out how to decrease in pattern, rather than using the standard spiral decrease I taught her. She's been knitting on straights and has had some trouble with her hats having nipples at the top, so I hope the ribbing and the different decrease pattern will solve her nipple problem.

In spite of this weirdness, every hat Jacque makes is a joy for her. She exclaims "I love this hat" while knitting them. She realized she said it for every hat and asked if I felt the same way about what I knit.

It's got me to thinking. I don't love everything I'm working on. Lately I feel like I've put down or frogged everything I attempt. I'm supposed to be working on a dog sweater for Jacque's dog (also in the pic), especially since it took much convincing of her husband that a dog sweater is still macho. But the yarn I picked is too bulky for the wording I want to incorporate. I thought I'd just make a prototype, then, since I wasn't using a pattern, but I haven't touched the sweater for weeks. I am working on other things, of course, but I don't love anything right now.

The closest I'm getting is on Patti. It feels good to make progress. I'm sure I won't finish until the sun is warming Michigan, but Jen will still appreciate it, I think (hope).

So I how do I get the love back? I still need to knit. I still want the feel of the yarn growing on the needles. I just don't love anything I'm working on. Nothing is bringing that joy.

Here's some Misti Hand Paint Sock Yarn I wound for Tympany. Tympany is fun. I'm almost onto the earflaps. I'm not going to have enough yarn, since I'm using some leftover yarn from a pair of socks, so I'll have to get creative.


While we're on the subject. said...

Wow. This makes me feel nice. I don't know what is going on with the nipple. Maybe it's just my head shape?
You are wonderful, and you will get the love back. Just think that you are creating something that somebody will LOVE.

Lynn said...

Maybe you need to do something super quick and easy - like a ballband dish cloth, or similar project. Easy, fun, quick! I just finished the socks I was working on, so now I have to figure out what project to do next! I never seem to have myself organized to start something new right away! Too many choices...

TK said...

You are right. Something small. But what? There's so much. The problem is that I want to make sweaters but I let other things get in the way.

Sandman said...

Have you ever tried sweater shorts? I think they would be quite popular, not to mention fun to make.

P.S. The Hedges say "Hi TK!!!!!!"

Sandman said...

Heck yeah, I'll rock a pair of knitted shorts!