Saturday, February 07, 2009


Holidays. Gathering.

The Gathering was fantastic. Please check out the cybercasts on our website to see what amazing shows you missed. I had the time of my life this year.

It's been busy. Christina took all the chairs, so typing at my desk is difficult. Here's a photo summary of the things I've been doing when not at the holiday festivities or the Gathering. There were other projects, too. I'm just missing some photos.

Postcard. Aimee, did you ever get this?



Climbing on January 18th. I needed this right before the Gathering.


aimee said...

omg, NO!!! that makes me want to cry. sigh. which address did it go to? aaagh.

Sandman said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Your offer to snowshoe Elko is tempting, I must say!

Lynn said...

Hey Tamra! I have been thinking the Gathering was happening around now. Glad it went so well!!! Why do you have no chairs??

TK said...

Christina took all the chairs when she left Elko. She left the couch.