Saturday, September 05, 2009

Summer Photos

I have a post in mind (what I've learned about knitting from climbing), but I've had such a busy summer that I thought I'd get the photos out of the way.

First, thank you for all the kind comments. I might have put the sweater in the UFO pile if left to my own devices. I'm still enjoying knitting Holly and made great progress on a recent flight. I have two other somewhat pressing projects to finish, but I can't take my hands off Holly.

Jacque and I hiked the Ruby Mountain Crest Trail a few weeks ago. I had never done a multi-day backpacking trip. I also grew up where it's relatively flat. I think I've acclimated pretty well to the altitude, because that wasn't a problem at all. I could breathe even at 11,000 ft. Jacque helped that by keeping our pace slow. I have a tendency to walk fast and then get out of breath. The trip was amazing. It was hard in some places, and simply fun in others. These pictures are chronological.

A gazillion-mile switchback at the end of the night. Just before Overland Lake (below)*

The Crest (we saw this same view after climbing that peak, and then again five more times)

Liberty Lake

The Parking Lot!

Then a group of people drove up to the City of Rocks to celebrate my birthday (and Jason's but he had to stay home on doctor's orders. Boo). I had no idea my friends in Elko were so amazing. I knew they all wanted to climb--that was really the point of the trip--but they also surprised me with an awesome gift, which I opened after cake.


Last weekend I visited Jen and family. I just needed to see their faces. It was soul-soothing.

Now it's September and I'll be around for awhile. Maybe I'll actually get some knitting done this month.

*edited to add photo. My apologies for multiple versions of this post.


aimee said...

yay!!!! what a fabulous trip. and the party, and presents, and that pic of you and candles!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so glad you had a great trip.

emily said...

Happy birthday! What beautiful pictures. So glad you had a fun birthday. You look great - all tan and healthy! I hope we can see each other again someday....

Knitting Linguist said...

I love seeing the pictures! They're just gorgeous, and it looks like you all had a wonderful time :)

TK said...


Carrie K said...

Gorgeous photos! And nice gifties.

TK said...

The best gifties. I have another post written in my head about the rope and gear I got. Maybe one of these days I'll get these posts out of my head and onto virtual paper.