Monday, April 23, 2007


Isabella is finished. I spent most of Saturday finishing it up. I ripped out one of the picot arm openings because I didn't like it, but I was still finished by Saturday night. I love it. But.

I'm disappointed with the neckline. The reason I was drawn to Isabella in the first place was the way the neck sloped up to the shoulder. Something must be missing from the pattern. It just didn't work out like that. My gauge was a little looser in the lace part, but not enough to make the panel grow that much. I even tacked down the edge to round it off, but it still leans upwards. I'm sad, but I'll still wear it.

I wanted to focus on Isabella so I could start a new pattern. Well. I rearranged my living room on Sunday, and in the process pulled out all my unfinished knits. I didn't realize there were so many (nine). Crumpets and a pair of socks are in progress and Joseph's sweater just needs to have the underarm holes grafted, so that leaves six items I've cast aside for one reason or another. Here's my plan: I'm going to finish all the projects that are knit with cotton yarn. That's five of the nine projects. The other four are wool or another animal fiber that can wait for air conditioning season.

Soon, I hope to have progress bars in the sidebar (HTML is foreign to me, so I have to spend some time understanding it first). The hardest part will be resisting the urge to start something new.

First up is a striped, stockinette wrap I used to keep at work. It got too big to take to lunch, so it's been sitting at home for nearly a year. Next will be finishing the sweater I started to design myself. I'll probably finish up Joseph's sweater when I'm done with Crumpets (which is my commute and lunchtime project) so I can mail them off. The socks I'll work on when I tire of purling. Everything on the cottons list is stockinette. Maybe that's why they were put on hold.

Update. It's been an hour. I've decided to frog the wrap. There's no point working on a wrap in stockinette. I don't have enough yarn left for a border. The yarn (Adrienne Vittadini's Miranda) is nice, and I think I'd like a tank from it. I started this in September, 2004 and will frog it in May, 2007 (I'll post the reason for waiting in a couple weeks). It's time to let go, I think.


Carrie K said...

At least Isabelle looks cute. Too bad about the neckline though.

Linen for an apron! Clever idea. I've been knitting Euroflax lace edgings lately.

Oh yeah, time for the wrap to go. Sometimes I think we put them aside to delay the inevitable ripping.

TK said...

Yeah, the wrap was started before I really knew what I was doing. My purl stitches are all twisted and the ends are carried up the side in a not-so-pretty way. It will be a good ritual to rip it out.

aimee said...

HAHAAA. you are SO funny. rearranging the living room. see what kind of trouble that gets you into??

jennifer said...

put it in the mail??? Too bad you can't bring it in person.

TK said...

Maybe you should come pick it up. Besides, it's a sweater, so he won't be able to wear it until he's grown out of it.

sturdygirl said...

hmm...from your second pic of isabella, it looks like you could sew those two edges together, and then the neckline would stand up like it does in the pattern picture. just a thought.

nice running into you at loopy!

TK said...

I've already tacked the edges down. They were so pointy they would have overlapped. I have toyed with the idea of sewing them down further.

It was nice to meet you at loopy, sturdygirl.

JANET said...

Isabelle looks good. I'm liking the way that it tucks in at the waistline. Lucky you, to be able to knit while commuting.

Pen said...

Hello, I am knitting Isabella at the moment, and am having the same problem. It's driving me bats as I really hate the way the neckline has come out. I e-mailed the designer about it, but this wasn't altogether successful. A lot of people are having the same issue, though. I am determined to find a way to make the neckline into something that I won't really hate!