Saturday, October 06, 2007

Not Ready to Post

In fact, I'm not ready for anything. I start work, managing the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for the Western Folklife Center, on Monday. I loved the event last year, and I'm really excited to be a part of it. But. After four months of very little work, I'm not sure I'm ready for full time. Quitting my job was the best thing I've ever done for myself. Will I be able to adjust to working again? I know WFC is not crazy or extremely dysfunctional and passive aggressive like the last, and I like the people I know and the ones I met last year. I am so very excited to work with other folklorists, doing work that I think is important. But. Do I know how to work in a healthy environment? It's been a while.

I'm also not ready for Elko. It's 40 degrees today, and it snowed yesterday. It's in the upper 80s in Chicago. I was definitely sick of the Chicago humidity, but I am not ready for snow and the dryness of the desert. This is small town, too. Not just small town, but small town in the desert, which means no other towns for miles. Elko is "town" for a lot of the smaller populations in Northern Nevada. This is new. Am I ready for this, either? I feel so unprepared.

I haven't done any knitting. I have one mitten complete and another started. I'm trying to unpack and infiltrate my stuff into my friend's house (she's been so gracious about me living with her). Perhaps I'll get back to knitting soon. My friend doesn't watch TV, so my knitting time is going to have to adjust to that. The knitting might be slow going for a while.

Oh, I did get a fabulous gift from Nina and one of her employees before I left Chicago. She gave me a great drawstring bag from Della Q in my colors, and four skeins of O-Wool Balance. Add the two blue and two purple to the two purple I already have and something good will come of this, I'm sure. I really liked that yarn for the February Sweater, so I'm trying to find something just as appropriate. Maybe a throw. It's cold here.


aimee said...

It's a lot, yes. But you will adjust! It will just take some time. Hell, it will take all of us some time. I still can't believe it. But the farewell gift sounds so lovely! And you can always go back to visit Chicago.

Carrie K said...

You'll adjust. If nothing else, it'll be a lovely geographic change. Sounds like a lot of differences! Great knitting location.

I'm trying to remember if Eldo was where we stayed with the fire raging behind the motel with the staff completely unconcerned by it.

Lynn said...

Well, take it from me, the friend who lives in an unairconditioned dorm. I WISH IT WERE 40 DEGREES!!!!! I'm so ready for fall, and we're still in high summer :(

I know it's hard to adjust to full-time. You will be really tired at first, but then it will feel normal again :)

ShapiShap said...

Don't hold back on them TK.

ShapiShap said...

Confucius quote of the day:
"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."